The method consists of four chapters with approximately 600 words. (150 per chapter)

This is the equivalent of HSK 3* (six level exam) – enough to understand and express yourself simply, but with a very solid foundation, which will allow you to learn more if you wish in the future.

The goal of this method is not to make you fluent in Chinese in three months because for that, you need to take lessons with a very, very good Chinese teacher regularly, have a Chinese-speaking environment and a lot of time:

To speak fluent Chinese, it’s three years minimum.


My goal is to bring you an experience of more than thirty years and from the earliest age on the spot as a foreigner, who knows exactly what is going on “on both sides”. It is a method that will allow you to move forward and go straight to the targets, all in English and while having the same Chinese basics that I had and learned at the local school.



There are between 5 to 7 lessons per chapter, each lesson includes a downloadable PDF in simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese, all the words are recorded in English and Chinese, all lessons have a PDF of sentences or dialogues that accompany the content leared and in a progressive way.

 The first chapter will allow you to know the structure of Chinese, to familiarize yourself with new sounds, the pronunciation with the help of audio. You will also know how to introduce yourself, say where you come from, ask small questions, learn how to count as well…!


Post Production

In chapter II, we will look at time (dates, now, after), transportation (making an appointment somewhere), money and how to order (getting delivery on the phone), classifiers, food.

Chapter III will be mostly devoted to “time” (present/future/past), on work (according to the sector of activity), family, internet (social networks, cyber vocabulary).

Finally, in chapter IV, we will how to open an account and and daily administrative tasks, how to negotiate something, to look for or rent a place, to ask for details, to simply describe something or someone.



Time needed to succeed: 30 minutes per day for 100 days.

One lesson (one pdf) takes half an hour:

If you work for 30 minutes everyday from Monday to Friday, I guarantee that in three months, you will be able to go to China on vacation, study, live there, for business trips or work, talk to family, and you will be doing great.


*Wikipedia source: The Chinese Assessment Test or Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (simplified Chinese: 汉语水平考试; traditional Chinese: 漢語水平考試; pinyin: hànyǔshuǐpíng kǎoshì), abbreviated HSK, is the only standardized test in the People’s Republic of China for testing the Mandarin language skills of non-native speakers, namely foreign students, overseas Chinese, and members of China’s ethnic minorities. It is also known as the “Chinese language assessment test” or the “Chinese TOEFL “1.